Yiguo is currently a Research Associate in the CAMERA center
and the Pering Laboratory at the University of Bath.


Yiguo's research interests cover the fields of image processing, computer vision, medical data analysis and motion capture, focusing specifically on 3D stereoscopic vision.

Yiguo was previously working on depth map super-resolution and free viewpoint generation during her Ph.D. at Xidian University. She then moved to the University of Bath as a Research Associate, working on thermal image processing and medical data analysis. She is currently engaged in researches on motion retargeting and style transfer.

Yiguo received her Bachelor degree from Xidian University in 2010. She continued to pursue her Master and Ph.D. degree in the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Image Understanding of the Ministry of Education of China, Xidian University, under the supervision of Prof. Licheng Jiao. After she got her Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2018, she is a Research Associate at the University of Bath working with Prof. Darren Cosker and Dr. Wenbin Li.


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